The Stability of Information Technology and Digital Records

I believe it’s just as important to save and keep digital records of current historical events such as 9/11 and the Virginia Tech tragedies in recent American History.  Just in my lifetime I have witnessed an array of natural disasters and 9/11, with my own stories to tell about the events. Years from now people will look up these events to write papers and research on, and being able to see images from the eyes of regular people who witnessed the events is priceless. First hand source accounts of what happened, from many different sources, can paint the picture of what really happened in such events, not just what was covered by the media and government sources. I thought the Hurricane Katrina and Rita site was very powerful in gathering up and reading actual accounts of what happened to the people who were there.  Along with pictures, maps, and personal accounts, site like this will only serve as tools in persevering the recent past and retrieving it in a timely manner.

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