The Visual Communication of Information

In Edward Tufte’s article “PowerPoint Is Evil”, he makes several points about Microsoft PowerPoint slides shows, exclaiming that “… PowerPoint presentations elevates formats over content, betraying an attitude of commercialism that turns everything into a sales pitch.”  He believes that because there is a limited space where words and charts can be displayed, the information is basically ‘dumbed’ down and overly simplified in order to grab the attention of its audience.  I can personally relate to the skepticism of using PowerPoint slides in certain arenas, such as church. I remember visiting a church in the early 2000’s that were using PowerPoint slides during the sermon.  Coming from a traditional Roman Catholic background, I found this to be very impersonal and at first had a hard time taking this particular institution religiously serious. I remember feeling like I was in a seminar vice Sunday congregation.  Since then I have come accustom to some churches using PowerPoint slides, understanding that times have changed and this is a way to get the key points out to the people, but it still doesn’t feel “right.”


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