Maps, Spatial Analysis & History

I find it exciting that history can be learned through different methods and media’s today. What stuck out to me the most is how precise and advance history and research can be today with GIS mapping and analysis. The Differences Slavery Made: A Close Analysis of Two American Communities project is a histography of two counties, and the impact slavery had on them. The site, created and managed by college professors, contains  a lot of information on each city, located north and south of the Mason Dixon line in Pennsylvania and Virginia.  I found it the site to be informative and easy to navigate with tons of links to other related subject, maps and locations, and synopsis for each topic.  The fact that they incorporated a page where you can search for citations, this site is a one-stop shop to learning about these two cities

PhilaPlace was also a cool site that contains a more interactive view to a present day city in Los Angeles, while also presenting historical information. The site contains oral histories and many images, also with pin point locations of old and present day sites. The difference with this site and the Two Cities site is that this one allows regular people to make a log in and submit their own stories.  I think using GIS and other mapping tools in historical projects is exciting and can be challenge older historical facts that may not have been as accurate as we may have thought.  I believe that there is much to still uncover and expose, and using satellite images, and tracking locations, has given average aspiring historians access not available to many before.

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