Securing Information

Securing information is the topic for this weeks’ focus. In the day that our systems and programs and often linked together, the importance of password security and storing data should be people’s top IT priority.  The article How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking, is of Mat Honan, an IT journalist who was hacked into several social media and email accounts by a hacker by the name of Phobia.  Phobia whose purpose, as he said, was to expose the security flaws made by Apple and Amazon.  In the process of this, an entire library of sentimental photographs were forever lost.  Honan resents not backing up his data/photos regularly and not having different user names and passwords for multiple accounts.  He exposes the dangers of using iCloud or other programs like it, which link up several devices, which can be conveniently useful or disastrous.

My mother has lost her iphone twice now in the previous years, each time losing tons of data messages, pictures, contacts, and other vital information to her. She did not regular backup her phone and had to start over each time. From her experience I make sure I password protect my phone, in case I lose it, I hope regular people cannot break in and access my data. This article and other readings this week have reminded me of the importance of internet security and have changed my long term passwords.


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