Owning the Past

Chapter 7 discusses the history of copyrighting original works. Dating back to the eighteenth century in our country, authors and inventors set the precedence for present day copy right laws. i agree with the plight of the original artist or writer.  I cannot imagine the feeling of having someone’s life’s work or passion being credited to another as their own original thought. But with the emergence of the internet and new forms of media, the laws in place are constantly being challenged. The court systems are not equipped to keep up but there have been cases where the FBI have come after people for violating file sharing laws.

With the emergence of new and constant changing technology, significant culture change has occurred. With the invention of a popular music tool called iTunes, people who wanted to use iPods and now later iPads, are required to pay for music  and video downloads. If you want to be up-to-date in the “Apple community”  you must pay, which I do not have a problem doing (now).


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